Gravitas 2

Short-Film Happiness

U.F.O. Alone Again


Why Do Computers Use So Much Energy?

Why Do Computers Use So Much Energy? It’s possible they could be vastly more efficient, but for that to happen we need to better understand the thermodynamics of computing ...

Ott – Coursing Batch

Bill Burr Conan

New word: Zombify

Learn From These Bugs. Don't Let Social Media Zombify You   You’ve heard that social media is screwing with your brain. Maybe you even read about it on social media. (So...

King of All Media (Radio) + Greatest Comic Alive

With his name very much in the news at the moment, Norm Macdonald stopped by the Stern Show Wednesday ahead of the debut of his new Netflix series “Norm Macdonald Has a Show” which...

Half Baked